Designing-Producing automatic machine

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– We receive to design, produce automatic system, automatic welding robot, automatic winding machine, production chain and other specialized machine.
According to customer’s demand and estimation, we have 3 type of products as following:

– Produce in Japan
All system will be produced at Daikou Japan
Advantage: Secure high quality with standard of Japan
Disadvantage: High price

– Made in Japan – Vietnam:
Parent company will important parts process, Aid technical expert , equipment and the others will be processed in Vietnam.
Advantages: the price will decrease from 20 → 50% compare with import one

– Made in Vietnam
Parent company will important parts process, Aid technical expert,  equipment.
Most of parts will be made in Vietnam.
Strong point: Competitive price in VietNam market.

Representative products:



p1010092Bonded inspecting machine

p1060327Pressing machine

p1050633Product washing machine

p1090710Product assembly machine

p1070959Glue inserting machine

p1070880Pipe bending machine

Machine design room: